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Alien Invaders

You’re part of an unlikely team that finds itself thrown into the midst of an alien invasion. You’re trapped. The only way out means facing up to the extraterrestrial terror… and staying is just delaying the danger. It seems it’s not only your life on the line, but the future of the human race.

Can you solve the equation that will stop this invasion?

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Alien 1 vs. Alien 2

Battle of the brains

You now have the chance to book indenticial Alien Invaders rooms and play simultaneously.

Enter at the same time to be challenged and cheered on. Expect something testing and tricky. Expect to be frustrated and, most of all, expect to have fun.

Great for team building or just mucking around with friends.

DIFFICULTY: 5 / 5 (Our most challenging room)

ELEMENTS: Teamwork, Technology, Patterns

AGE: 15+ (adult themes)

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